Manuscripts Overview

Picture Books

Kyle and Dave

It is a story about a young boy named Kyle and his neighbourhood adventures and discoveries with his little dog Dave.

This story is about meeting his neighbours. Each of his three neighbours is different from his family in one way or another; but he doesn’t seem to notice it as a negative thing – it just is. And, he has learned to speak a few words in different languages along the way. The concept is for the reader to learn and discover different languages and culture in a small but positive and meaningful way. Presenting young children to new languages and cultures in a positive and natural manner will ultimately encourage them to be accepting and caring about others, who may not necessarily look, sound, or be similar to ourselves.

Briony & Julius

This is a story about the unknown and facing challenges. Briony and Julius are two childhood friends and little caterpillars that spend all their time together – there’s nothing they do or don’t know about each other. But one day, Briony is curious and frustrated and falls to the dark and scary forest floor! Julius, the bestest friend a caterpillar could ever have, tries to rescue her and goes on an adventure in the process.

Oh those stubborn Scotties!

This story is heart-warming story about two little Scottie puppies who learn a little bit about common sense and that it’s ok to ask adults for help. Rock and Butterfly learn that danger signs need to be obeyed and learn a very dangerous lesson in the process.

The Mermaid on the Shore

Tiny, Thumbelina’s cousin, is playing on the shore when a big wave comes along and plops a little mermaid on the beach. This results in Tiny’s desperate adventure through the village to get help to save the stranded mermaid.

Youth Novel

Bumpleberry: Adventures of a misfit fairy

This is an adventure story about Bumpleberry who lives in a forest not too far from where you are now. She’s a feisty, clumsy, and adorable fairy who must go on a quest for the Enchanted Emerald to prove that she’s as worthy a fairy as all the others. The only problem is – she can’t fly.