about bri keene

Bri lives in the Metro Vancouver area and survives on Hilltop Cafe coffee and breakfast food. She lives with her hubby and their own little side-kick Gimli, the Super Scottie. Her favourite things are good coffee, dogs, cats, anything furry, and some lizards – but no snakes, unless they’ve been doodled and wear tophats.  She works as a public servant and the rest of her time dreaming of other worlds, creatures, and stories. Her past lives have included working in web development management, graphic design, and as a corporate IT trainer.

She is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art & Design’s (ECUAD) Certificate in Fine Art Techniques and  the Certificate in Advanced Study in Children’s Illustration. It was through this program the she developed a love of story-telling. She enjoys writing as much as illustrating and prefers to do one or the other on projects.

Fun fact about me (over to first person)

Insane ability to focus. I am literally able to tune-out the world when writing or drawing or thinking about writing or drawing. It’s my story/mind-palace. Sometimes it happens in the middle of conversations, you just have to ask my poor husband. There have been many-a-time whereby he has literally stood in front of me waving his hands to get my attention – for a while. Poor thing, he’s really the best thing ever. And, yes, I know it and know it well.

Catfish Mascot:

Catfish came about from a project at Emily Carr. The assignment was to illustrate a story of a child and they went about travelling to all these wonderful places. Well, every child needs a side kick, right? And so I developed the little girl’s side-kick Catfish.Catfish is your everyday Ginger kitty that is happily tormented by his little girl that he treasures. He’s one of my favourite side-kicks I’ve developed thus far, and so, he became my mascot. The story didn’t quite pan-out, but I still love Catfish.

And he has nothing to do with Russian lawyers.

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